Bloomin’Arts works regularly with over 70 adults with learning disabilities. Their participation in our music, dance, singing , drama and art sessions is inspirational and their performances are amazing and life affirming.

It costs over £4000 to run a drama session for a year. Most of this money comes from the generous donations and grants we have received over the years.

We’d be so happy to support you raise funds for Bloomin’Arts. So if any one in your sport, social or slimming groups has a great idea and wants to hold a fundraising event for us just get in contact.


Here are a few of this years Heroes and Angels

Donations and Fundraising Events 2015/2016

Flop ,Swap and Hop                                  £400
Gretta’s coffee morning                             £343.69
Mel’s fun run                                               £495
Bloomin’Arts craft Fair                                £210
Private donations                                       £1220
East Grinstead Common Good Trust        £1000
East Grinstead Sponsored Swim              £256
East Grinstead Lions                                  £540
East Grinstead Waitrose                            £400
L.C.A.                                                          £115  
Sponsored Fairy Walk                               £475
Big Bash Band Night                                 £126.40
East Grinstead Rotary Club                       £475
Open GardenThe Garth                            £345
Friends of Bloomin’Arts                             £4,000
The Shakespeare Bike Tour                     £9,265

Total                                                           £19,666.09



...buys materials to build a set for a show or provide some new instruments for the band

...buys equipment like computers, lights, etc.

...covers the cost of a trainee, training for one year

...covers the cost of a production including venues, transport, rehearsals and us creating the show

Bloomin'Arts fundraising Projects for 2017 /18

Create It! Show
Bloomin’Arts is presently mentoring seven visual and performance artists who have a learning disability develop their own unique work. We are looking for funds to help our individual artists take their creative projects out of the safety of the Bloomin’ Arts workshop to show case them in a theatre.  It’s a brave step for an artist to take their film, their dance piece or their play to the public stage.  For our artists this will be their chance to say, “ this is me, this is my work, welcome to my world.”
The Create It! project encourages people with learning disabilities to develop their artistic talent in whichever direction they choose.  This expands not only their creative and imaginative skills but helps greatly with decision-making, problem-solving and self-motivation giving them a raft of tools to take forward into everyday life.

The show will be a cornucopia of talent in dance, drama, stage and costume design, music and story telling and is scheduled to be held at The Hawth Studio, Crawley on 19th July

We need to raise £4,000